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Our History


"Organized in 1857 under the leadership of Stanley Ayers, Christian Chapel Christian Church's twenty members first held services in a wooden building, located in Cross Roads Township and a few miles south of Everetts. The old building was moved across the road where services were continued there until the present church plant was completed in 1950. A new brick parsonage was constructed in 1966, and more recently a new educational building was erected.

"The name of the church was changed to Christian Chapel Church of Christ back about the forties.

"Chas. C. Ware, noted church historian, has much of Christian Chapel history in his "Albemarle Annals", most of which follows:

'South of Everetts and near Robersonville is Christian Chapel known locally as 'Cross Roads'. Stanley Ayers, (1831-1910), pioneer Disciple itinerant and chaplain in the army of the C.S.A, founded it in 1857. Its 20 members increased to 57 the next year. Ayers in 1857 was enrolled by the Disciples state meeting...

'The Disciples' State Convention Minutes of 1857...record it as a "new church admitted"...

'H.S. Davenport held their revival in September, 1900, preached to "over-flowing houses", added 20, and remarked: "I was pleased to meet Stanley Ayers, one of the old pioneer preachers of Martin County. His membership is at this church; and though he has lost one eye, and is otherwise afflicted, and is 69 years old, still preaches, and rendered valuable assistance in this meeting. I found the brethren all warm-hearted, social, and lovers of hospitality."...


Taken from "Religion and Education in Martin County" by Francis M. Manning and W.H. Booker.


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